Dolphin Quest Hawaii: An Engaging Experience

Dolphin Quest loves to create once-in-a-lifetime experiences. Whether it is a surprise encounter, gift or an evening celebration on our Dolphin Quest Lagoon Lanai, we are here to help make dreams come true. Just ask Gary and Diane.

Our General Manager received this email the day before a very significant Dolphin Quest Encounter: Adrea- Just got settled at the resort. I love it here already, the island is beautiful. I am planning to take her down there around 3ish to check if there is anything available ;). Thanks again for all of your help making the day so special, I will never forget it! - Gary

Marriage Proposal at Dolphin Quest HawaiiGary had inquired several weeks earlier as to the possibility of being able to propose to his girlfriend, Diane, with our help. Diane had always wanted to meet dolphins and this seemed like the perfect time to “pop the question,” as well. An elaborate ruse was set up. Although Gary had made a reservation, the Crew Members played it as though Gary was just inquiring about getting in the water and availability.

Once they had decided they were going to do it (Gary was very nervous that Diane would decide to come back on another day, but our staff played it quite well), it had been pre-arranged that at the end of the program, Johna, the photographer, would tell the trainer, Lauren, that a couple of the photos didn’t come out very well. This gave Gary time to sneak up to where he had left the ring hidden in his baseball cap. As a dolphin slid up on the sand to pose and distract, not to mention make an impressive addition to the moment, Gary knelt down beside Diane and asked her marry him. Once she accepted the entire area around the lagoon, including Crew Members and guests (who had been let in on the secret), burst into cheers and a great round of applause. Gary and Diane were beaming, making for the perfect start to their vacation.

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